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Studied In HSB(GJU)?Few Things You Can Never Forget About HSB (GJU). Click To Know


Haryana School of Business (HSB) – A Home Away From Home. Haryana School of Business – A name which get all of us into mixed emotions with the flashback of all the wonderful recollections and memories which will always be a piece of our lives. I could have began this article with expressions like ” Those were the best day of my life” or “I wish those days could return back in my life”. However I would like to name my Article as “HSB- A home away from home” I am from 2009-2011 Batch in which classes was being held in GJU…

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Amusing Characters You Will Find In Every Examination Hall


Amusing Characters You Will Find In Every Examination Hall Exams are dependably an upsetting time. All the Intensive studying, packing, stressing, eating, drinking… there’s no chance to get out. However, even in such circumstances, there are a couple of normal things that happen without fail, similar to the one individual who always gets additional pens to class. That beyond any doubt makes for a decent giggle when we think back about all the frenzy. Here are a couple of the students we see in each examination  

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