Don’t Forget To Love The Ones Who Raised You, They’re Growing Old Too

Love The Ones Who Raised You, They’re Growing Old Too

Don’t Forget To Love The Ones Who Raised You, They’re Growing Old Too

I had a startling thought early today—as we get older, so do our parents.

It’s bizarre to think the people who birthed you, who raised you, who played peek-a-boo or softly washed your delicate body in the bathtub are growing, as well. And it’s frightening.

I think we all have always envisioned that our parents were going to stay the same : same dark and shiny hair, same giggle, same body and sline. It’s not like they have experienced an intense change, yet I’ve gotten to be mindful of the inconspicuous ways my mother is growing old —her tired smiles during the evening or the few silver hair growing up in her head.

They’re not supposed to grow old, right?

old parents 2


We see it happening to the other adults, the other parents around us, but not our parents. Our folks should be ageless, still, and constant.

They’re not supposed to suddenly change!!

Yet, the pitiful part, is that they are. Each and every day, much the same as you. As you grow, so do they. As your life changes, so does theirs. Every year brings you heartbreak or adventure or another occupation or a trip to some unknown country or some sort of progress, and every year brings your life somewhat farther from theirs.

But, don’t let it.



Explore. Learn. Develop. Change. But, don’t abandon your parents. Contact them, visit them, or simply call them, to let them know you cherish them, or just to remind them.

The cruel truth about this life is that none of us will last forever. But our love can.

As you live your life, please remember the ones who raised you. Keep in mind the way they put your necessities before their own. Keep in mind the way they taught you to laugh, to battle through difficulty, to listen to your heart, and to pursue your dreams.

Remember to still reach out to them, even as you chase those dreams.

Adult children kissing senior woman on the beach

It’s so natural to get wrapped up in our own needs, our own objectives, our own selfish ways of thinking that we sometimes forget that the lives of the people around us are changing, too.

Take a moment to connect with a guardian, to a person who raised you or was there for your childhood moments. Let them know you are thankful. Let them know you are honored. Let them know that they matter to you, on the grounds that without them, you wouldn’t be who you are at this moment.

Do call your parents after reading this and tell them how much you love them. Comment Below to tell us how did it go.

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