I Miss My Friends I Lost During A Journey Called Life

To The Friends I Lost Along The Way

There are days it strikes me as so strange that I don’t talk to you any longer. There are moments when something reminds me of you and I need to tell you, yet so much time has passed that reaching you would be odd. 

While we all seem to be going about our lives, there are still moments when it kind of hits me you aren’t a part of it anymore. Look at how far we’ve come since those younger carefree days. The real question is, how did we end up here? How did we go from being closest companions to practically strangers?

Now your life is foreign to me. I no more realize what’s happening in it, and I wish things were distinctive. But life happened. We drifted apart without really realizing, and now the gap may be just too big to bridge. 

I hope wherever you are in your life, you’re happy. I look at your Facebook photos and your Snapchat videos and hear stories from other friends, and I can tell you are doing amazing things with your life and being the person you were born to be. I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far, because I know I am.

To all the friends I lost along the way, I hope you took the time to read this. If you did, please know I’m speaking to you and I mean every word of this. I’m mature enough to know we can’t keep everyone we would like to in our lives. But little things remind me of you and I’ll think of you at the most random of times.

To everyone else reading this, I hope you’ll share this small composition for the friends you lost along life’s path. I wrote this as much for you as I did for me.If you’re like me, you wish there was a way to share how much you still care about those who may not be active in your life anymore. I hope this letter will give you the words and the courage you have been searching for.

And who knows, maybe some of those friends you lost along the way feel the same way.


Forever cherishing memories of us,

A Friend You Left Behind


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