Reaction Of Pakistan People About NAMO’s Visit To The Silicon Valley. A Must Read

Reaction of Pakistan people

NAMO’s Visit to the Silicon Valley and Reaction of Pakistan people .

PM Narendra Modi at his Silicon Valley visit spoke to the CEOs of top organizations about his vision for Make in India and the Digital India campaign. His second last address at Silicon valley was at a town hall for Q&A session at Facebook HQ organized by the Facebook group. Reaction of Pakistan people after the session were amazing.

Prime Minister talked around a scope of issues concerning women empowerment, creating jobs, poverty and how online networking will be the harbinger of this changing face of innovation and help take care of our issues.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg transferred a feature about his connection with PM Modi when he got some information about his mom and what part she played in his profession.

Many individuals remarked on the post by Mark from all nationalities including Pakistan. With whatever has happened in the past about India & Pakistan, Pakistani individuals still contemplate India and have awesome sentiments about Mr. Narendra Modi and they likewise said that he will be the change specialists in India’s history of Digital transformation.

We discovered some of those reactions from our neighbors and thought of sharing it with you.Read more

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