Epic Dialogues Used By School Teachers In India


Favorite Dialogues Of School Teachers In India Which Every Student Has Heard

Now that we’re all grown up, we can say, without a doubt, that school was the best period of our life. What made it more huge was our teachers particularly the eccentric ones, the ones who made us chuckle, and the ones who gave us more than just addresses and grades. They gave us preparing in how to manage this present reality that we will face outside our school gates. Truly, what might our lives be without our teachers?

1. You are the worst batch I have ever taught.”

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2. If you want to talk, get out of the class. Don’t disturb the others.

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The others ARE talking with me. Sigh.

3. Why are you making so much noise? Is this a fish market?

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4. Can you speak loudly? Didn’t you have breakfast today?

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5. (When we were caught misbehaving) “Is this why your parents send you to school everyday?”

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I wish I knew the answer to that one

7. Why did you forget your homework? Did you forget to eat in the morning too?

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8. “If you don’t like to study then why do you come to school?”

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I have no idea. Really. None.

9. “Show me your book. What are you doing there?”

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10.“If all of you study hard in this class, I’ll give you the next period free.”

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11. Why are you laughing? Tell us the joke, we’ll also laugh

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12. “Yes, I’m talking to you. Stop looking back.”

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Oh, oh. Lag gayi.

13. “Why are you looking outside? Am I standing there?”

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14. Do you think we teachers are fools?

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Note: Do NOT answer that question. Especially if it’s a yes.

15. “Why are you leaning against wall? Are you old? Stand Straight”

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16. “Do you want me to call your parents?”

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17. In a Hindi class -> “Hindi mein baat kijiye.”

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Ji, masterji

18. “Okay, silence, the principal is coming for a round.”

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TeachersImage Source

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20. “Your sister/brother is so intelligent. Why are you like this?”

When I just can’t deal with some people.Image Source

It is our teachers who made us chuckle amid school, and made us cry when we say farewell to them. Along these lines, wish every one of your teachers an exceptionally Happy Teachers Day, and let them know that they are mentors and role models for every individual student. 

School Friends… Our Friends For Life…

This Article is just for the Entertainment and we have no intentions to offend anyone whomsoever. The main motive to write on this topic is just to cherish the memories we all are/have experiencing/experienced in our school life.


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