19 Things Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Chandigarh “Again”


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In the event that you’ve ever been to Chandigarh, you know how warm and cushy the city makes you feel. The individuals are more than enthusiastic; they eat extraordinary food, and make the most of their booze like no other. The energetic Punjabi world and their ever predominant neighborliness have no match on the planet.

Pretty young ladies, garbru jawan fellows,royal enfields, Mercedes and Lamborghini, Gurudwaras,temples and Churches, all simply add to the dynamic quality of the spot.

For the love of Chandigarh and to the exuberant soul of its kin, here are 19 reasons that make ‘The City Beautiful’ so special and near to my heart:

1. Clean, green and safe, there is no other city in India that is too arranged as Chandigarh

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Composed by French modeler Le Corbusier, the city is flawlessly isolated into sectors. The boulevards are wide and all around associated with wonderfully arranged roundabouts. It is just in the previous couple of years that the place is experiencing some traffic related issues as more individuals are making it their home.Read more

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