Planning a Romantic Dining Date in Delhi?? List of Exotic Restaurants for your Adored Ones.

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dining in Delhi

What is the first thing that rings a bell when you choose to take your loved ones for a romantic date in Delhi NCR. Fine Dinning restaurants are by a long shot the best and the most secure date thought. The most vital part comes when you need to choose which place you ought to take your date to or which will be the most romantic dining option in Delhi.

We arrive to help as when you are in Delhi you have various fine dining restaurants, some of them known for their nourishment while some are known for their astounding environment.

Here is a Rundown Of Best Romantic Restaurants For Couples in Delhi NCR. So what are you still looking for? Go on and select your pick from the underneath and make the most of your date.


1. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Lodi The Garden Restaurant
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As the name infers, this is one flower setting for an awesome romantic trip, gave that the day is sufficiently charming without downpour. Western traditional is the decision of music while they serve Mediterranean, European, Mughlai and Continental sustenance.

A supper for two is around Rs.2000.


2. On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront

A zen-like setting loaded with peaceful water body and blazing lights. The cooking styles at the Waterfront incorporate Pan Asian, Europena, Oriental and North India.

A feast for 2 is around Rs. 3000.

Area: The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 03


3. Sevilla-The Claridges

Sevilla Restaurant in Delhi
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With leaves of the overhang tenderly influencing in the breeze, streaming water, curbed surrounding light and splendid sustenance, Sevilla is unparalleled for a romantic date. The cost is on the higher side with a feast for two costing you around Rs. 5000


4. Sky Lounge Bar and Grill

Sky Lounge Bar & Grill
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There are not very many spots in Connaught place which offers a superior perspective than this place. This rooftop restaurant situated at the nineteenth floor is the spot where you have to take your accomplice for a meal.

Neglecting the endless horizon of Delhi from its heart this place has extraordinary atmosphere for a romantic dinner. It offers variety of food like North Indian, Mughalai ,Continental and Chinese.

Meal for Two: INR 2500 approx.


5. Olive Bar & kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen

The rich Mediterranean style and alleviating music make for an incredible romantic supper at the Olive Bar & Kitchen. What’s more, yes, the nourishment is magnificent too.

A dinner for two comes around Rs. 2500.


6. Amour The Patio Restaurant Hauz Khas Village

Amour - The Patio Restaurant
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There are number of restaurants in the Hauz Khas village and Amour is one of the chosen few which are romantic in its own particular manner.The place offers Continental, Mediterranean and Italian cooking to flawlessness. The restaurant has both indoor and open air seating and has an extraordinary atmosphere for a romantic supper. Bring a table with the perspective of the lake and it couldn’t be more romantic than that.

Supper for Two: INR 2500 approx.


7. Q’BA


Spread over three stories, Q’BA offers an alternate mood in each of the floor-each one of them an enjoyment for the significant others because of the sentiment that is discernable in the stylistic theme as in the lighting. A delightful outside seating territory adds to the spot. Serving Thai, Chines, North Indian, European and Italian cooking styles, a supper for two at the Q’BA will cost you around Rs. 2500.


8. Le Crique

Le Crique

On the off chance that fine eating has an equivalent word, Le Cirque must be it. One in the chain of the notable French-Italian restaurant based in New York the Classic Italian and Contemporary French food furthermore the in the open air seating are flawless supplements for a romantic date.

A feast for two cost between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000


9. Parikrama


Parikrama is for the individuals who like to take the thought of ‘swoon in adoration’ to its exacting statures. A revolving restaurant at a stature of 240 ft, you can without much of a stretch envision that the perspectives are similar to nothing else. You can appreciate Chinese, North Indian and Mediterranean cooking.

Dinner for two will cost you around Rs. 2000.


10. Thai High, Mehrauli

Thai High

Considered one of Delhi’s best Thai restaurant, Thai high is situated in Mehrauli and offers incredible perspective of the Qutub Minar and the encompassing backwoods while feasting. Thai high is slam against point with its true Thai cooking and offers an awesome administration. The feel of the restaurant is ideal for a romantic supper.

Dinner for Two: INR 2000 approx.


11. FIO Country Kitchen and Bar, Saket

FIO Country Kitchen and Bar
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Situated close to the entryway no 1 of the Garden of five detects, FIO is an incredible spot to take you r accomplice to. The restaurant offers best environment for couples with its personal and at home niches and corners. It is a perfect spot in the event that you are hoping to feast in a private spot as the seating here is in a manner that you can appreciate a supper in private. The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cooking.

Feast for Two: INR 2000 approx.


12. B Bar

B Bar

B Bar, the worldwide chain of Pan-Asian restaurants unquestionably knows how to spoil you. At this restaurant, everything from the select stopping and lift for the restaurant to the round bar and the extravagant parlor experience their notoriety of being exceptional.

A dinner for two comes around Rs. 3000.


13. Veda


Composed by the acclaimed Rohit Bal, Veda is an etheral setting which is flawless to commend any uncommon event. The cooking offered are North Indian and Mughlai while a supper for two expenses you from around Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500.


14. Imperfecto


To add a dash of idiosyncrasy to your romantic eve, Imperfecto accompanies a setting that has an open air seating zone which has bungled furniture and erotically streaming draperies and window ornaments. The cooking styles on offer are Italian, Continental, Spanish and Mediterranean.

A dinner for two comes around Rs. 1500.


15. Mia Belle-Hauz Khas

Mia Belle
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From the rundown of overhyped eateries of Hauz Khas Village comes this minimal charmer. The Mia Belle is a perfect romantic restaurant as it is bedide the lake and has immaculate seating plans. The rooftop is a far and away superior spot to feast at. This place serves African, Italian, American and Lebanese food.

Supper for Two: INR 2000 Approx.

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